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CTN DIGITAL is a solution provider for web-enabled digitalmedia user engagement solutions of the highest quality.

Our People are:

Neal Gray

- co-founder, President and CEO

310.471.1575 x 3


A visionary and highly successful entrepreneur, Neal Gray is the driving force and catalytic creative engine behind CTN Green and all elements of CTN Digital. A veteran in the fields of entertainment, advertising and publishing, the former President and CEO of two prominent corporations and the marketing and advertising consultant to major corporations, Neal Gray's vast experience, ceaseless energy, commitment and boundless creativity leads the top notch CTN teams.

An active philanthropist dedicated to the environment and various charitable, artistic and humanitarian causes, Neal has always believed in giving back to society and working toward a better future for the many, not just the privileged few. An infectious optimist and respected innovator, Neal has the ear of industry leaders from coast to coast.

Diane Johnson

Director of Client Services and Production, SMB Contract Adminstrator



Diane joins the CTN team to ensure communication with the production teams and product cycles and she leads the deployment of our technical team. She is dedicated to estimating project production time and edit-cycle/updates. Her addition to our team assures your plan is concise and deployed on-time.
As our contract administrator for SMB-class business, she handles all of the invoicing and contracts for small and mid-size corporations and projects. Diane has many years of experience in contract negotiations and billing. She is based out of NH, which encourages business by offering many tax benefits and low commission projects which will benefit customers with a more cost effective outcome. Diane has been involved for many years Paralegal work under the direction of attorneys in NH and MA. She is always busy promoting Small Business for young people in the local community. Residing in the Green State of NH preserving the forest and surrounding environment is her and her families passion.

Keith Addis


Keith Addis merged his management business with best friend Nick Wechsler’s highly regarded motion picture production enterprise in 1989 to form Addis/Wechsler & Associates, one of the first firms to combine top-notch talent management and first-rate film and television production into one innovative, dynamic and prolific entity.

The company has since evolved into Industry Entertainment Partners which has produced films including THE PLAYER (Golden Globe, Best Picture), QUILLS (two Academy Award nominations) and REQUIEM FOR A DREAM (two Academy Award nominations).

Over the years, Addis has guided the careers of major stars including Whoopi Goldberg, Dennis Quaid, Richard Dreyfus, and Alec Baldwin. Industry’s management clients currently include Zach Braff, Sam Worthington, David Frankel, Tommy Schlamme, Paul Dano, and Addis clients Matthew Weiner, Sam Waterston, Ted Danson and Jeff Goldblum. Addis served as OCEANA’s Vice Chair between 2001 and 2008.

He was named Board Chair in August of 2008. Addis is a graduate of Columbia College at Columbia University.

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