CTN Digital


2013 features not listed. Contact us for next years model.
Standard Features:

  • Clean Fully Scaled Imagery, Text, and Video.
  • WhiteLabel Domain name: Your own URL. ex: (MadMenMag.com)
  • Direct to purchase BUY links and advertiser drill-downs.
  • Direct to page linking – multiple TOC and page Navigation options
  • Speed and performance of delivery with Edge Origin CDN
  • Creative page arrival and interaction.

PageBlend features

  • Touch-Screen enabled interaction ( page swipe engine for tablets and touchscreens )
  • Column glide for variable text reading lengths, over the page, momentum slide, mouse drag, arrow keys
  • Any Shape, Any Surface, in-page video player ( HD and Std Streams )
  • Background music intro audio system
  • Play-Once welcome video ( will not repeat after one-time play per session )
  • Page-view tracking, Video play completion, in Google Analytics ( custom systems by request )
  • Advanced page transparency and opacity ( see-thru page, split page, halfpage )

 PageBlend LOOKBOOK & Touch

  • HD overlay on page and fullscreen Video HD streaming ( with CDN )
  • Slide-Glide columns ( touchpad, mouse, touchscreen glide vertical scroll  )
  • Touchscreen Device Ready, fingertip drag and drop, throw and slide
  • Facebook FBML Thumbnail and direct to page enhanced “Wall” posting
  • Lightbox Launch and HTML5 overlay for formpages and shopping cart iframes
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CTN Digital PageBlend is also a creative service.

The web, it’s users, and your audience have grown-up and evolved. It is time for you to become the expected next stage in that process, live up to the next level. During 2011 we are rolling out faster time-to-market and adding collaborating systems intended to become and targeted to be the most agile in digitalmedia.

There was an old statement that said:

                “CONTENT IS KING “… That was relating to the value of web property assets.

For a publishers paradigm in media-enabled digital magazines, this has evolved to:


These days content is inventory, it is the creative expression and delivery that matters.


This is an important relationship of information and entertainment that is delivered by traditional magazines and represents the highest potential value when placed in a networked and web-enabled environment. CTN realized early on that simply recreating print content onto the screen of a user would basically ignore a vast array of media enabled and now fundamental benefits. Touchscreen page turning with the motion of a finger, sliding and dragging, all these fingertip features are built into the PageBlend system.

In-Place and in-context video, interaction, multimedia and rich media are sought-after methods of engagement, and in some ways expected. Any aspiration to become best-of-class in your market will by necessity involve the expression of these capabilities.

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It is already plain and evident in other systems that are simply PDF’s converted to flash with page turn transitions, the result is inherently unreadable pages even at full screen. This requires ZOOM TO READ user interaction ( just like a PDF ). These systems present a lack of well integrated design-for-digital-screen alternatives. This has produced a level of ubiquity where digital publishing is now viable and profitable for everyone, and most importantly makes a place for CTN in delivering a better outcome than any other.


The most important aspect of Digital Publishing on a Magazine Paradigm is that it is the only best acceptable way to completely fill a user’s screen with your content, and most effectively present your Advertiser’s visuals and multimedia message. Of course this is good for the publisher, but its GREAT for the Advertiser and that’s where the payback is, turning every computer screen out there into a private captured audience High Definition Billboard.

Any other FULL SCREEN delivery is generally regarded as an imposition, and if its a gatekeeper Advertisement that must be Skipped or Dismissed, it can enrage a webuser and generate a negative response to having to dismiss an ad message to get what they came for.

You can have what your readers really always wanted. CTN DIGITAL and the PageBlend System.

CTN Digital