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Along with the Custom Domain service, CTN also offerss a high capacity / high bandwidth delivery system that is tuned and integrated into the page engines we create. It is based on and requires Linux / Apache, requires .htaccess server-side directives for cache controls and server-side includes, and was chosen for its specific ability to deliver multiple concurrent browser http requests to the same visitor IP for high performance page pre-fetch loading and fast-start video. Our buildout and admin tools rely on this system, and therefore it is offered as the preferred delivery system, bundled into the packaged solutions we offer.

Tuned and bundled turnkey solutions are the best possible way to assure near zero latency on content and multimedia elements of our work, with sub-second arrival timing of media that is suported by a robust high capacity  backbone. The network support can scale from 100 concurrent unique visitor streams Standard Hosting to over 1 million using our CDN, with no degradation due to loadstress. ( for 1M and over concurrent connections in any one urban node, please contact us )

CTN hosted systems have dedicated fiber to all major cities. All our hosting servers have full 1000 Mbps connections (gigabit Ethernet) to upstream providers with at least 10 gigabit optical fiber connections to the MAE-WEST and Equinix interchange points in Silicon Valley, NYIIX in New York, AADS in Chicago, Equinix Ashburn in Virginia, and PAIX in Palo Alto, CA. Our “ping times” to www.google.com and www.yahoo.com are under 3 ms. You don’t have to do anything to get supported for up to 250,000 visitors per month or 100 visits per minute at burst rate. For greater traffic loads and global ( EU ) reach, we offer our CDN Services.

CTN uses a Transport / backbone quality CDN to bring the Point of Origin to the EDGE at your local ISP central node. In North America and Europe, this is basically like having a high performance server cluster right next door to your Internet Service Provider to deliver the highest possible bandwidth, stability and connection speed.

ctn digital Lookbook Network diagram

It is important to note that a CDN ( Content Delivery Network ) is used for delivery of high bandwidth media such as Flash Video in both standard and High Definition, and that the Last Mile ( Your ISP ) and 3G/4G wireless access is not something that any external network can improve.

Network PageBlend functions*

  1. Load Pages based on information in an XML file that describes assets and sequences.
  2. Forward Caching ( pre-fetching sequential pages ahead so they are ready before you turn to them ) This Requires the webservices supplied by CTN, typically spawning 6-10 connections to the webserver in support of the most recent Safari, Firefox and Chrome tabbed browsers. LINUX / APACHE configuration with 80mbit burst rate is the standard minumum configuration.
  3. Navigation ( page turning by Index click, Manual dragging corners, edge/corner click, touchscreen, Tv remote )
  4. Twitter and Facebook social network Direct-to-Page link auto-generation ( FBML Thumbnail & Description – “Wall-ready” coded )
  5.  Scaling to fit browser or fullscreen, any screen, any size, any browser, many devices.
  6. Touchscreen-Ready ( larger “hit-box” areas, timed for touchscreen response and tablet devices )

The Page itself fetches it’s assets which are:

  1. Video Players and the video files ( Video delivered from CDN multiple origin edge cache )
  2. Music ( mp3 background and feature/podcast players )
  3. Text and typography vector scaling ( for dynamic page content and editable content )
  4. Dynamic per-page external text – can be editable ( login authenticated access )
  5. Images – “full bleed” page backgrounds and gallery  ( for those pages that have gallery and image zooms )
  6. Buy Buttons, Links and link lists

Insertion into your website is something we have already tuned and prepared so that site owners do not have to contend with unexpected “gotcha” situations. Note that for embed insertions a cross-domain XML file is required for flash page prefetch. Typically we buy a dedicated domain and configure it’s services for you, ( example for CBS = http://tgw.tv ) it becomes your property and you are up and running very quickly, fully capable of global traffic loads at production service levels and 4 9′s uptime. You have total control – choose your own preferred tracking and reporting systems and always you are able to migrate to corporate IT as your books mature and proper for when the timing is right for your staff webmaster.

*Important Note: clients choosing to host on a platform configuration that is not of this type, will not be assured of delivery performance and therefore are opting-out of the above performance expectations, Administrative tooling and auto-update.

We setup iFrames for books located within the pages of other hosting to assure delivery performance. Expect need for  .htaccess files for cache control, SSI, and PHP5 / Curl / Python / Rails,  this only relates to CTN content managed assets deliver and admin, and is required for full service quality CTN support.

For reference – our EU NOC map for content delivery in support of global branded clients:


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