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Page content should offer the ability to move Рclick, drag, release.  Highly available moments of discovery add value to your content worthy of twitter and facebook sharing.

Throw and bounce = Kinetics
Example: The compass will slide and bounce off the sides of the page with momentum and rebound.

Start any Audio or Video
Examples: Click and drag the bell to ring it…, play the iPhone video while dragging it around by its edges.

Column Glide with Momentum
The most common request is a gliding drag to “drill-down” article column. Place your mouse or finger over the column and drag it up and down to reveal more. The benefit here is variable text will be readable content without impacting available screen space limitations. Never get lost in a web 1.0 ZOOM to READ mode when you can have a smooth web 2.0 feel.

Mouseover or Click-to-View Thumbnail Image Gallery
Standard 4 Image mouseover flyups in a selectable layout above, 15 click to view items in a catalog treatment below


These are only a few … Get a presentation from us to really see the depth.

CTN Digital