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“STAY ON THE PAGE” is becoming a sought after solution for extending content engagement, and not linking out of the website.

For websites that desire book insertions but have too small a width to make it proper to do so within the confines of the layout …we have a lightview overlay solution. This allows CDN speed and video performance to be present by launching an IFRAME within a lightbox in the page. This is now a common method for staying in the page and maximizing screen realestate. Used in facebook images, google plus etc …so adoption has met critical mass. We prefer close buttons to the upper left in all use-cases, but clicking anywhere outside the box will close the lightview window.

For Blog engines and wordpress that contain the book to 960 pixels wide, the lightview solution allows staying in the page but reach outside the width of the layout. Requires jquery 1.7.

  • This solution displays a book without leaving the page or website it is in.
  • This solution scales to fit whatever the browser width may be, any new one.
  • This solution allows Fullscreen and runs in the CDN for maximum delivery speed.
  • This solution supports all video functions, and arrow key page turns in most browsers.
  • This solution allows launch direct to a specific page ( shown below: load and flip to page 18 )

  • For launching HTML OVER the book ( typically needed for signup formpages and shoppingcarts ), its necessary that the book not be in a lightbox of the same type such that it can launch its own instance of a lightbox. This is rather simple as a requirement, but its very complicated, requires a specific sequence of code to launch and execute. HTML over Flash lightbox launch can be automated, where a page can launch a form ( signup, donate ) after pageturn comes to rest.

    Example http://ctnhd.com/gp/?page=20 Will auto launch an HTML5 secure donation screen over the opened book.



    Launch from anywhere in your site, display over your current webpage, within Lightview to a specific Book Page:

    This allows selected target marketing within the book to be selected and delivered in full view, video  play in contextually supported visuals

    Implementation is one line of iFrame HTML that can fit the IAB realestate variably from 350 x 200 box to Sidebar hightower  - without leaving your webage.

    Click this box to launch book and flip to page.

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