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CTN DIGITAL PageBlend scaling is  compatible with all major broswers, built from the ground up to be that way with, no zooming modes, no magnifying glass icons needed, ever. Scaling is by far the first thing that has to be done properly in a digital publication system that needs to render properly from laptop to Touchscreen Tablet  to 1080p screens.

Click the fullscreen link and it will become fullscreen. Although this is best seen as big as possible, this will play just fine on any flash enabled device and in any size window from 1024px laptops to Full HD1080 HDTV.

Please Note: Below is a  small demo compilation book example, we will use this approach only for the purpose of describing features of the PageBlend Tools, this size of presentation is not the primary intended use of PageBlend Books.

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Introducing the PageBlend Publishing System

The PageBlend digitalmedia publishing engine is a custom page turning multimedia interactive page browser that functions within any sized display area, automatically. The user doesn’t have to do anything extra to get the full experience. There are NO ZOOM icons for this reason, there is no need, this system is already perfected for viewing.

It is touchscreen enabled for your HP Touchsmart. It is able to fit in and fill whatever you may have for a display including 1080p flatscreens and  home theaters. All smooth scaling is done automatically to assure consistent user experience at any size.

Digitial Publishing and Consumer Preferences have Evolved.

Rise above the average noise-level of traditional and mundane print-media-made-digital marketing, wherever that may be. The digital publishing world is evolving, Tablet and touchscreens are reaching critical mass for monetized widespread adoption very soon, and video-enabled new media is now the gold standard of properly prepared publications.

Convert your current publishing assets to this new form of digitally enabled engagement with the new CTN PageBlend system, compatible with all browsers and devices and any size screen resolution.



PageBlend and PageSwipe are custom coded to hook right into social networks with a click. for example:  Facebook “Wall” FBML code is created by the system automatically for you.

All the content in the PageBlend LOOKBOOK is linkable from any navigation anywhere –  with the LINK button or by placing the page request into the URL by adding to the end ?page=xx ( where xx is the page number )

The most important aspect of scaling is not only the ability to re-size, but the ability to present a fast smooth ( no-jaggy edges, blocky video ) visual result, regardless of size.

Most systems require a re-draw,refresh to make a new size or zoom condition occur, mostly because that is how they attend to crafting a smooth visual. CTN digital always smooths in Vectoring its text, preparation of bitmap images and most importantly, video, and we do this without reprocessing or fetching a new asset to get it done. Published work is always perfect and stays that way forever.

When looking at CTNdigital books, its easy to take perfect smoothing for granted, but the truth is we went through a great deal of effort to mitigate or eliminate any jaggy outcomes through understanding the math of the technology in play at the pixel and sub-pixel level. The CTN PageBlend system is the current state of the art in media-enabled page rendering systems, the following pages explore this.


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