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The PageBlend HD LOOKBOOK has multiple ways of including and integrating video content to satisfy the dream of every  publication editor – to include video into the content delivery and enhance ( and compete ) with the fast growing market-space of digitally enabled published products. Its important to have your video shown in context and surrounded by relevant content to deliver the best and most appropriate value to its impact, and be a step above YouTube in that process.


CTN LOOKBOOK PageBlend video players will smooth the playback regardless of video size.

Videos can be auto-launched on page turn ( at the point when the page comes to rest ) , or on click of a Video/Play link.

It is important to note that the PageBlend LOOKBOOK does not have a fixed size and is scaled due to it's intended design of being a full-screen user experience, CTN encoded video in the lookbook  will play cleanly at the proper size in relation to the display of the tablet or computer system it is in. The PageBlend LookBook HD engine is designed to always play without jaggy scaling artifacts regardless of the size of the displayed book , from small to high definition 1080.

  • Video player contains a Play Pause button to the bottom left,
  • A download progress bar and playhead bar spanning the lower middle
  • An Audio  mute on.off audio button to the far bottom right.
  • There is always an [X] at the top to close and end the video.
  • There is an expand icon for full spread 720p video.
  • Graceful Arrive-Depart player.
  • The video generally may be toggled from play to pause and play again by clicking the center of the video player.
  • Video play is automatically ended on page turn. Optional Play-to-Completion tracking

The Good Wife Season Premier – Leanback sequential play ( 5 video pages, autoturn at video completion @ 25min total runtime )

SEEING IS BELIEVING …  far better engagement and Time-Spent is found to happen in video-enabled autoplay pages, and all are touchscreen coded for interaction. The Book above got over 250,000 page turns during initial “a new beginning” preview show promotion through to Emmy® Show ( Best Leading Actress in a Drama Series Award won by Julianna Margulies).

Play-in-place scalable 720p options are available by use of the expand button for connections and videos that qualify.

Cross-Device Support: CDN auto detect.URL= http://www.tgw.tv

Full smooth scaling is enabled for HD, jump in and out of fullscreen and resize your browser during play to see it in action. h.264 MP4 720p is typically the proper codec  for this use, and the results are cpu load minimized for systems that have hardware acceleration for this type of file, delivered by dedicated Edge Origin CDN from custom short URL ( http://tgw.tv )


Generally in-page video players will arrive and display on page left or page right  ( 1/4 page placement ).

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