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iPad Web App

Most importantly, sharing happens in the situation and moment. Content has to deserve to be shared, highly available, and work in the places it is found. This means web-content and that means browser enabled… and now that also means it will be seen in a customized APP dedicated browser instance.

TWITTER AND FACEBOOK now have their own webkit browsers built in.
So you never actually leave the user experience, its simply extended to include its own browser and becomes the way links can deliver engagement, video, photos… basically everything you came there for has to function perfectly.

Whatever content you have must be to able to fit in these new browser-within-an-app outcomes, and iPad owners want to swipe to change pages with momentum and very responsive feel, tap to play videos ( pinch expand ), and scroll a column glide to read. The evolution of interactive engagement just jumped a generation with such synergy between social hooks and content surfacing.

IPADS WITHIN FACEBOOK JUST SWIPE left right – touch to launch video – simple, immediate and shareable within the webapp.


CTN DIGITAL for HBO – This is the twitter app browser:

Notice they put the address bar at the bottom of the screen, and the twitter post at the top… fits with no need to zoom, swipes to change pages, loaded with high-speed cdn delivered video.


It has no address bar, and simply goes blue at the top to remind you that facebook is where you are.

Any other regular content in these app browsers will not swipe, will possibly fail to play video, require zooming just to read. Suboptimal at best.

That part is done for you. Automagical. CTNDIGITAL already has the device and placement detection built-into the system. Use your usual link and it will detect and deliver the proper outcome. This means your promotional marketing needs only ONE URL to reach everywhere it is to be found.

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