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LOOKBOOKS are becoming more prevalent as the best-of way to get your designs seen and appreciated. In more and more situations they are becoming primary web content of preference. Bigger is better. CTN digital lookbooks are becoming the standard of quality for this new media treatment that delivers high value experiences.


AMC and MADMEN chose CTN Digital to express the season 4 wardrobe with special content and commentary from Fashion / Wardrobe Designer Janie Bryant. MADMEN has won more awards than any other TV show in history for a good reason.. it looks great.


Interactive Video Enabled  full screen capable lookbooks have more Time-Spent “sticky” visitor views. Often visitors will linger for 10 to 20+ minutes in these video integrated books. Facebook links are commonly a great source of added traffic with the adoption and authority of the person who wall posted it with CTN’s one-click social hook system.


The entire website of industry icons Mark Badgley and James Mischka is exclusively presented with CTN DIGITAL Lookbooks. http://www.badgleymischka.com  18 million page-turns

Showcase lookbooks and catalogs can be expensive to distribute and print, and there is no doubt that they are immensely valued by both marketers and consumers alike. Digital delivery is track-able and connects directly with useful customer information and continued relationships. If you are currently mailing print issues or sending download links to PDF files, then your important video presentations and informative rich media messages are disconnected from your high quality visuals.

With CTN DIGITAL you can have both, at a lower cost and a higher quality outcome. They are less complex to create than catalogs, and turnaround time even with video and interactive elements, is very quick.

LOOKBOOKS are not just for fashion. High End Properties of all types including Fairmont Golf, Sotheby’s international homes, and TV and Film production benefit from this treatment.

The videos and photoart quality is selected to be so well detailed, that the craftsmanship and styling of visual evidence is all that is required. This is where the fullscreen in widescreen digital Lookbook is quite strong in the marketspace, and where CTN digital can present the full look without any need for zoom-magnifier treatments.



CTN Digital